Pretty Clean

Easy to use macOS Disk Cleanup Tools
Multi-chip Support
Pretty Clean supports Intel and Apple Silicon series chips (including M1/M2). It allows your computer to take full advantage of the hardware performance and scan at a fast speed.
Small & Powerful
The Pretty Clean installer is less than 5MB in size, but with no compromise in performance and functionality.
< 5MB
Multiple Scanning
Pretty Clean has various scanning strategies for cache and installation packages in the download folder generated by users, systems, applications, etc. to help you free up disk space as much as possible.
PrettyClean listing screenshot
Privacy & Security
Pretty Clean makes all the scanning process public, you can clearly observe all the scanned files and promise not to upload any scanned information, we absolutely guarantee your privacy and security.
PrettyClean scanning screenshot
Developer Mode
Pretty Clean supports scanning and cleaning the compilation cache left behind by major development tools, and is currently the only disk cleanup tool on the market that supports developer options.
PrettyClean settings screenshot
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